Jim Cowan's American Racecraft cars wins races. It could be a Cavalier that sets a new NHRA competition eliminator record on its' first weekend, or Jed's 15 year, and almost 3000 passes old Daytona still winning events in Division 7 Top Sportsman. Or, they both could win the NHRA event the same day.

Forget the cookie cutter cars and buy a car that is designed, fabricated and set up for you and your particular class. And a car that will hold up to the punishment of horsepower year after year and season after season.

Tom Radiffs' new Avenger wins best Engineered on the first outing!

NHRA two time best engineered, and multiple event wins in this V6 powered Competition Eliminator Chevy Cobalt.

And don't forget to mention that this Cobalt has never finished outside of the NHRA top 10 in nationals points in the years that it competed..

Randy Hagerty and his flat gold 1963 Corvette built for pro modified, pro street and ADRL competition.

Equipped with a 5.2" bore spaced, 780ci nitrous injected monster and just about every trick that can be imagined.

NHRA competition Eliminator record holder. IHRA best appearing. Multiple IHRA and track wins in this small block powered Grand Am.

Steve Brunson won a best engineered award the first time out with his Cobalt.

Since then, he just wins rounds in this first class super gas car.

We just found this picture hiding in some of the boxes at American Racecraft.

This is a pre completion shot of Andy's Chevy S-10 pro stock truck style monster.

Lonnie Frickie is a great customer of American Racecraft. He first purchased this Cutlass for competition eliminator and ran it for years. He then wrecked that car and was so happy with the Cutlass and the way it held up in a devastating high speed crash, that he ordered a brand new GTO right afterwards. Not to mention that Lonnie's son purchased a 63' split window from American Racecraft during the same time period.

One of the many pro stock cars of that early era for Jim was Steve's personal car, a NHRA pro stock Firebird.

This S-10 truck was built for NHRA competition Eliminator and ran for years in D7 before being sold.

This is Jim's personal Beretta for match race pro stock competition. This car still runs in D7 Super Gas to this day.

Please check back as we are trying to get photos of other cars that are too busy out there racing and winning to send us photos for our web-site.