Why American Racecraft?

Simple. Just view our years of performance and consistency. Here at American Racecraft we build safety, reliability and quality into every car from the weekend bracket car to Pro stock and Pro Mod. When you see an American Racecraft still running as well today as it did the day it was built, you know that we put the utmost dedication in giving our customers the best quality product for their dollar. And that is what you get with American Racecraft. Maximized performance for your hard earned dollar.

And really, you could pay more. But why?

However, the reasons of why to go with American Racecraft does not stop there. Jim Cowan has not only been building cars for decades, but started decades ago as a crew chief in NHRA pro stock, and never looked back. Our customers continue to be amazed with his chassis tuning knowledge and experience. In the last year he has tuned chassis from 10 second 4000+ pound all steel Mopars to Nitrous Pro Modifieds. In each case, his experience has produced the lowest ET's many of these cars have ever seen right along with the best behaving tune ups the drivers have experienced. Jim is often at the track and more than willing to go the extra mile to make certain his customers are completely satisfied.